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Here's a list of our church ministries.

Ladies Ministry

This ministry allows ladies to converse, fellowship, and relate with fellow women. There are conferences, meetings, and trips specifically for women. There are also special events for this specific ministry.

This is a women focused ministry.

Men's Ministry

In this ministry you can converse, fellowship, and relate with fellow men. There are conferences and meetings specifically for men. There are also special events and trips planned for this specific ministry.

This is a men focused ministry.

Outreach Ministry

Spread the love of God by interacting with and servicing the community.

Help reach the lost!

Prayer Ministry

This ministry is available around the clock to receive and pray for any prayer requests.

Pray and recieve prayer!

Children's Ministry

This ministry teaches children up to age 13 about the word of God and the love of God through Sunday School classes and special events planned by the Sunday School Department.

Take care of our future!

Compassion Ministry

This ministry visits those who are sick at home or in the hospital, prays for them, and attends to whatever needs they may have.

Visit and pray for the sick, and make them feel loved!

Golden Age Ministry

This ministry reaches out to the elderly in the community and shows them the love of God. Whether they reside in a assisted living home or live alone in their own residence, we will visit them, pray with them, and assist them with anything they may need.

This ministry focuses on the elderly.

Youth Ministry

This ministry is for young people ages 13-36. Join in on our special "Friday Night Live!" youth services (dates will be posted on our Events Upcoming page). Also help do community service, and go to special youth trips and conferences!

This ministry is for ages 13-36.

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